Dental Practice Transitions, Made Easy

Buying or selling a practice is one of the most significant financial events in a dentist’s career – with only one chance to get it right.

EMA Staff

From left to right: Steve Wolff, DDS; Debbie Wolff; Brad Babcock, DDS

If you’re considering a transition, it makes sense to deal with a broker possessing the highest skills, experience, and integrity.  EMA Dental Practice Sales has been providing full-service solutions since 1993, and has been fully engaged in the sale of more than 235 practices.

At whatever phase you find your career – actively seeking to buy, planning for retirement, or considering future transition date, we encourage you to use this site as a resource, and to contact us for help in this major life/career event.


Congratulations to Dr. Edward Schanda and Hammons Schanda on the sale of their Forsyth, MO practice to Dr. Nathan Woodward.



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FinishBigNot many books found in the business section of the bookstore are written about the exit strategy of small business owners. While you will find countless texts on Marketing, Management, Growth and Development, seldom is much consideration given to the financial, social and psychological implications of ending a career. Bo Burlingham, a frequent contributor to INC. Magazine and author of the book, Small Giants, has taken up the cause with his new book which will be reviewed and discussed in a series of articles on this site over the course of 2015. While dental practices do not usually conform to the definition of Small Businesses (receipts greater than $2.5 million), the experiences of general business entrepreneurs are very similar to dental practice owners. I would suggest that anyone who cares about the future success of the transition of their business to the next generation should pick up a copy of this book and a highlighter and begin a little honest evaluation of your exit strategy.

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